Certified Restaurant Supervisor (CRS) Exam

Exam: 100 questions
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The ServSuccess Certified Restaurant Supervisor (CRS) Exam has been designed in collaboration with the restaurant industry to validate and certify the most critical competencies for restaurant professionals who supervise, direct, coordinate and train employees. 

The exam focuses on the most important supervisory skills from the following areas: 
• Implementation of company policies 
• Meeting customer service and quality assurance goals 
• Leadership 
• Workplace safety 
• Cost control 

If you are in an entry-level supervisory or management position, this certification will help you demonstrate your expertise as a supervisor and leader to current and future employers. 

Who should apply 
Examples of the kinds of positions that qualify for the CRS certification include, but are not limited to: Assistant Kitchen Manager, Assistant Manager, Cafeteria Manager, Closer, Food Service Supervisor, Key Hourly Associate, Kitchen Lead, Opener, Shift Leader, Shift Manager, Shift Supervisor, Supervisor.

Exam Instructions

Upon purchase, ServSuccess exams require you to complete an online application to ensure you meet the prerequisites. Until your application is approved, you will be unable to access non-exam products in your bundle. To apply:

1.    After checkout, click “Go to Learning Dashboard” button on confirmation screen.
(Note: You can also access application by selecting “My Learning & Exams” in Welcome menu.)

2.    Select the “Launch” button to begin your application.

3.    Follow the instructions and steps provided.

4.    Provide correct documentation and required references.

5.    Following response by references, open and submit application.

Following application approval, your non-exam products will become available under “My Learning & Exams,” but you will need to register for a proctored exam session before you will see a link for your exam. To register for an exam session and take your exam:

1.    After application approval, navigate to Find a Proctor.

2.    Contact a Registered Proctor offering exam sessions near you.
(Note: Additional fees may apply)

3.    Click the registration link for your selected exam session in email sent by Registered Proctor.

4.    On exam day, you will use your ServSuccess credentials to login on the provided device.

5.    Upon logging in you will be able to launch the exam and the proctor will enter a password to unlock your exam.

If your application is denied, you will be entitled to a refund of your entire bundle purchase price. (Note: Automatic refunds require saving your credit card in your ServSuccess profile.)

Exam Prerequisites

Work experience: 
• CRP Certification plus 400 hours of industry experience in a supervisory role 
• 800 hours of industry experience in a supervisory role 

Previous learning: 
Valid ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certificate or equivalent 

Character reference: 
Reference confirming competencies listed on Character Reference Form